Welcome to Alexander Technique in Hove with Janet Jacobs MSTAT

“You translate everything, whether physical, mental, or spiritual into muscular tension”                   FM Alexander

Modern life brings us haste and a multitude of stimuli to respond to, but staying in natural balanced support in our body as we stand, sit and move through our day is crucial if we want to avoid strain or reduce pain from misuse. A unique mind-body discipline, Alexander Technique gives us a way of using ourselves without holding stress and tension in our body that we don’t need.

Alexander Technique helps you change what you notice and how you move, allowing you ease and freedom of movement from an understanding how your body is naturally coordinated. It’s a subtle education in movement and balance teaching you how to recognise and eliminate hidden postural habits which may bring aches or pain, but also encouraging a more considered response to everyday situations and demands.

“Let Alexander Technique be the breath you take before you do anything.”

I have a busy practice in Hove where I give individual Alexander Technique lessons and I teach at The Brighton Alexander Technique College

Alexander Technique is a simple and practical re-education for the whole body and self, applying the principles of balance and conscious coordination for better movement and wellbeing.

“Learning how to react, or not to react to life with excess tension and effort is a lesson that has been invaluable in helping me look after my posture and wellbeing”                  Henrietta, lessons in Hove

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Whether you want to maintain good posture, bring back freedom of movement, relieve aches or pains or reduce stress and anxiety, Alexander Technique can help restore an easy poise.

You are able to apply your new awareness from Alexander Technique in anything you do, whether you seek to be beautifully balanced in performance as a musician, actor or singer, in talks or business presentations, in sports, Yoga, or exercise. A practical philosophy, Alexander Technique can help you restore natural upright poise and fine balance in your body; something that you can take into all activities and acts of living – standing, walking, sitting over a laptop or in a coffee shop, driving, cycling, gardening, and much more.

‘One to one lessons have long-term benefits for people with back pain’            Results of a major clinical trial published in   The British Medical Journal