Why Alexander Technique?

Postural habits of how we hold and compress ourselves become part of how we are in stillness and in movement but often take us out of balance causing us aches or discomfort. Habits of inappropriate, instinctive tensing may contribute to our back pain, neck tension, stiffness in our joints or aches in our shoulders or arms but we are often unaware how we use ourselves. Unhelpful tension habits may not only give us poor posture but also add to our stress, interfering in our approach to day-to-day tasks and activities.

Undue stress and tension we carry affects our coordination, and our wellbeing.

Alexander Technique teaches you in a practical, gentle way a set of skills that help you understand how you are creating habits of excess muscular effort in your body you don’t need, and how not to, enabling you to come back into freely expansive balanced support. We don’t diagnose or teach exercises. We teach you to explore your own manner of use of yourself – mind and body – in movement and daily life.

Alexander Technique brings awareness and poise in the balance and physical health of the body, and in mental wellbeing.

It’s a skill of learning to use yourself in a simple, easy manner; essentially a new experience of thinking and moving. Learning how not to interfere in your general coordination will allow you to regain a well-organised and integrated body, ease of movement, easier breathing, and natural poise in all activities and acts of living.

Alexander Technique is something you apply in daily life. It’s a little bit of self-knowledge about how you hold and carry yourself, and how to do so better.

52 reasons to try Alexander Technique…

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“Change involves carrying out an activity against the habit of life”  FM Alexander

“…… dwell in possibility”      Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)