What people say

“The Alexander Technique teaches you how to use your body with the ease of movement for which it was designed. The uniqueness of the Alexander approach is that it emphasizes using the mind and body in unity.”    

Jack Stern, Neurological Director of Spinal Surgery, NY City Medical College

Janet has been a brilliant teacher and guide as I explore Alexander Technique. From the first introductory session Janet’s deep knowledge and understanding were clear and she expertly guided me through both the theoretical approach and practical applications of Alexander Technique with a range of explorations and elements to practice at home. With follow up one-to-one sessions Janet’s hands-on skills allowed for gentle awareness towards better habits and the honing of positions to refine alignment and flow. Her approach and insights kept the sessions interesting, relevant and engaging. Her encouragement and support made progress easy and swift with benefits realised week on week. I would thoroughly recommend Janet to anyone interested in exploring Alexander Technique. Dave, IT specialist, lessons in Hove 2023

Sessions with Janet have been a wonderful process of learning and self-discovery. From helping me to gain an awareness of my starting point to encouraging me to explore and experiment along the way, Janet’s supportive and nonjudgmental approach has guided me to dramatic postural improvement. I still experience pain and discomfort at times, but now have knowledge to understand it and tools to address it. The greatest gift of all, however, has been the discovery that positive change is possible!                                                           Scott, Charity employee and Member of Community Choir, Hove 2020

After your lesson I felt positively taller and more serene as I floated home on my bike! Thanks for the Alexander inspiration, Janet. I’d thoroughly recommend Alexander Technique to anyone with a busy life and a hectic job.
Claire, BBC Producer/ Photographer, lessons in Hove

I very much enjoyed the trial session with you and very much look forward to starting the 6 week course – I really did feel the usual pain in my legs and back ease off. I have also been using the mp3 you sent me for my daily semi supine practice.                                                 Hilary, Self-employed, lessons in Hove

Feedback from participants on 10-week trial of small group and individual Alexander Technique lessons for Back Pain in Hove:

‘Lying down in semi supine allows me to direct my awareness; a practice which enables me to become more aware of my body’s tensions but also has a significant positive effect on my back pain levels which always reduce as a result of lying down in this way’.

‘I have found the classes to be both fun and useful, learning something new each time. The experience of Alexander Technique has been a wholly positive one for me. I have no doubt that the more conscious direction of thought that I have learned has made a big difference to my mobility and balance.’

‘After the first two weeks or so of Alexander Technique I had begun to feel that I was holding a lot less tension in my body when going about my daily life. It was a huge encouragement when my osteopath said I had considerably dropped my shoulders and improved the muscle condition in my back. Her verdict was ‘ there must be something to this AT practice you have been doing’.


Learning the Alexander Technique during my pregnancy gave me greater insight into the way I used my body. My lessons with you encouraged me to make time to practice the Alexander Technique, for the benefit of both me and my growing baby.

Learning to lie down and reset myself – body and mind -has helped me manage my back pain and calm my mind. I found my lessons with you beneficial in learning how to have a positive input into my own health and wellbeing.
Susan, Psychologist

The gentle hands-on work in Alexander Technique has given me new experiences of balance and ease in my body and movement, something that is helpful to me with a recent diagnosis of osteoporosis. You have shown me how the Alexander Technique can give me tools to help me look after myself – something I take back into my work.
Margaret, Sculptor