“The Alexander Technique teaches you how to use your body with the ease of movement for which it was designed. The uniqueness of the Alexander approach is that it emphasizes using the mind and body in unity.”    

Jack Stern, Neurological Director of Spinal Surgery, NY City Medical College

I found my Alexander Technique sessions with you very helpful and thought-provoking. And it’s the thinking and reminding I will continue with!                         Sheila, artist, lessons in Hove 2018

Thank you Janet. Learning the Alexander Technique during my pregnancy gave me greater insight into the way I used my body. I have learned how I can make changes to reduce undue tension. My lessons with you encouraged me to make time to practice the Alexander Technique, for the benefit of both me and my growing baby.
Hannah, Hove

After your lesson I felt positively taller and more serene as I floated home on my bike! Thanks for the Alexander inspiration, Janet. I’d thoroughly recommend Alexander Technique to anyone with a busy life and a hectic job.
Claire, BBC Producer/ Photographer, Hove

Alexander Technique has helped me unravel just how connected stress in my mind and holding tension in my body are. Learning to lie down in semi supine has helped me manage my back pain and calm my mind. My lessons with Janet were always gently helpful in me having an input into my own health and wellbeing.
Susan, Psychologist, Lewes

Alexander Technique has given me new experiences of balance in my body and movement, something that is helpful to me with a recent diagnosis of osteoporosis. Thank you Janet. You have shown me how the Alexander Technique can give me tools to help me look after my balance and myself – something I take back into my work.
Margaret, Sculptor, Hove

I have realised through having lessons with Janet how unnecessary tension in my body had contributed to my stooped posture and aches in my shoulders. It takes a little while to understand the ideas in the technique, but once you do it can really help you to allow changes in your body to happen in a useful way.
Michael, Tax Consultant, Hove

We have a great deal to thank Mr Alexander for. Twenty years ago when I first came across the Alexander technique I was struck by how much freer I was to breathe. Having renewed having lessons with you, my new awareness now helps me maintain my mobility each time I step into a new day.
George, Retired (81 years young), Worthing