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Strain and stress don’t have to be part of your life – a helpful, short cartoon video by American teachers of the Alexander Technique about tuning in to your body.

Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (

How Alexander Technique can help with back pain (including published research)

How Alexander Technique can help you reduce and manage stress

Further Research into Alexander Technique and help with other conditions such as neck pain, Parkinson’s disease and chronic pain (published on STAT website)

Sitting with ease – a useful website for good information about chairs and sitting, especially for home office and computer users

Playing a musical instrument – how Alexander Technique can help.

Alexander Technique for singers – the benefits for you and your voice as your instrument.

All things Alexander Technique – extensive global resources website.

Alexander Technique and text neck – a short YouTube video – 5 tips to help you use your phone or tablet more easily.

A useful link for information about computer ‘posture’, associated aches and pains, and how Alexander Technique can help.

Short YouTube video about Alexander Technique in Education, developing skills for life with young people

Lynns book cover
Excellent introductory book to Alexander Technique (2nd Edition with audio files to download now available. Also eBook.)

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